Most Consecutive Tandem Push Ups [21-12-22]

Two Cretans set... the bar high as they did 43 twin bends, without stopping! In fact, they succeeded and entered the Guinness record! The two are athletes and do Iron Body a type of fitness that combines CrossFit and calisthenics. Specifically, on December 21, 2022, the two Iron Body athletes, Giorgos Kotsimbos and Apostolos Dervas, managed to do 43 consecutive tandem push-ups without interruption (most consecutive tandem push-ups), crushing the previous Guinness record of 39 repetitions held by two athletes from the USA!

As noted by the Cretan media, Cretalive, the athlete Giorgos Kotsimbos already holds a Guinness record for «Hand release pushups in one minute» (i.e. pushups with a jump) in December 2020 after an injury to his hand. Immediately after the record, he injured his shoulder and the long head of his biceps, requiring arthroscopic surgery and months of rehabilitation.

However, with the help of Iron Body's physiotherapist, Kostas Stathopoulos, and the training team, he succeeded and came out victorious, achieving the second Guinness record. It is worth noting that the Guinness record of Giorgos Kotsimbos and Apostolos Dervas is the fourth in total among IronBody Project athletes.